Adiyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Adiyaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Adiyaman is one of the oldest known settlements in history. In the investigations carried out in the Palanlı Cave in Adiyaman, the history of the city was dated to BC. 40,000 years.

Again, Samsat-Sehremuz Tepe BC historical findings. Paleolithic until 7.OOO, Neolithic until 5000 BC, BC.It is understood that there were Chalcolithic and BC 3.0OO-1.200 periods until 3rdOOO. During this period, the region changed hands between the Hittites and Mitannilar and the collapse of the Hittite State (1200 BC) began a dark period. B.C. The foundation of the Phrygian State from 1.2OO BC. No written sources were found for the period between 750 years. But; As the region started to be under the influence of Assyria during this period, the Assyrian seals in Samsat and the inscriptions written with Hittite Hieroglyphics in Kahta Eskitaş Village show that the historical sequence in Anatolia continued in our province.

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