Antakya Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Antakya Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Antakya Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established on April 8, 1939, in accordance with the Laws and Regulations of the Turkish Chambers of Commerce and Industry during the time of the Hatay Government.

Today ATSO; Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Depending on the Union “5174 Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Act with the Union” and serving its members in accordance with the relevant regulations, it is a professional organization of public nature with legal determined the scope of the relevant regulations personality.

In the historical development of the room, the area of ​​influence has expanded with its responsibilities.

In the first years of the room, Olive Oil and Soap Manufacturers, Manifaturacılar, Silk Kozacılar, Weavers, Furniture and Carpenters, Fruits – Vegetables, Shoemakers and Dabbaglara 7 occupational groups and 1580 members of the Chamber today, the number of members of the Professional Group 21, ‘ e increased.

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