Belgian-Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam

Belgian-Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam


Beluxcham History

As Belgium and Luxembourg were from the start involved in the growing force of the European Union, we felt the growing need to join the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. In the beginning of 2006, the BeluxCham Board agreed, and May 5th, 2006 the Chamber signed the affiliation agreement with EuroCham. On this occasion, the BeluxCham officially becomes Eurocham Member and its office moves to the premises of the EuroCentre in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Belgian and Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce being an independent, non-profit organization, it relies on the financial support of the membership fees, institutions and administrations recognizing the values of BeluxCham to foster a long term initiative.

In the recent years, the BeluxCham has also been playing an important role as social partner. Hence the monthly networking activity to strengthen the ties with all Belgians and Luxembourg residents or visitors passing by. Besides, we have been present at almost all Belgian/Luxembourg economic missions in Vietnam and we play a more active role in the EuroCham activities.

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