Oregon State Chamber of Commerce

Oregon State Chamber of Commerce



The Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC) is a private nonprofit trade association for chambers of commerce that represents 80 local chambers of commerce and more than 27,000 local businesses in every corner of Oregon.

OSCC’s mission is to support and represent Oregon’s local business community by serving as its advocate on business issues and by strengthening local chambers. OSCC is the largest grassroots organization for business in the state which gives a voice in the Capitol for local business communities large and small.

OSCC has three areas of focus: Advocacy, Professional Development and Professional Networking.

Advocacy: Building a strong grassroots public policy advocacy effort at the state level as well as supporting those efforts of individual chambers to become the main voice for business in their communities.

  • Drive Legislative priorities and agenda
  • Bolster chambers’ role in public policy
  • Improve grassroots networking
  • Increase chamber’s role in public olicy

Professional Development: Providing professional development opportunities and education for chamber executives and staff through programs, trainings and conferences.

Professional Networking:  Providing tools, resources, and vehicles to encourage collaboration and sharing among local chambers of commerce elevating the level of the chamber industry in the state.

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