Sandikli Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Sandikli Chamber of Commerce and Industry



According to the official Ottoman Salnames and archives, the first Chamber of Commerce in Sandikli was founded in 1876. Evliya Çelebi and Travelogue stated that the Chamber of Commerce was established in Sandıklı between 1880-1885. The room was closed in 1959. Sandıklı Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was reopened in 01.01.1966, still continues its activities. In our room, 7 professional groups, 15 councilors, 5 Board of Directors, 1 Secretary General, 1 Trade Registry Officer and 1 servant on its own property on a plot of 117 m2 5-storey building serves. In addition, the 5-storey rough construction has been completed on a 131 m2 plot located on the side of the existing building. When the construction is finished, it will continue to serve in a 250 m2, 5 storey building.

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