Singapore Metal & Machinery Association

Singapore Metal & Machinery Association

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The Singapore Metal & Machinery Association was formed in October 1935.

It was originally called Ngo Kim Kong Huey. The Association was formed to achieve mutual help and co-operation among members. The present name of SMMA was adopted in 1975.

Due to the selfless dedication of the Founders and successful leadership of committee members, as well as strong support our members, the Association were able to accomplish great heights throughout the years.

Currently, we have more than 340 members, increasing with the progress of the Association. The business scope of our members range from the traditional second-hand hardware dealers to the modern hardware-machinery suppliers. Since its formation, our Association has encouraged economic build ups and social developments in our country, thus becoming an important trade Association with widespread influence.

With objectives of promoting friendly relationships among members, fostering the spirit of mutual help, the Association’s main focus is to enable co-operation between them, so as to strengthen connections and business exchange between local and foreign business groups. Trade Delgations are organized, to explore possible investment areas within foreign countries, and various economic environments that may bring trade opportunites to our members. To further assist expanding of business, useful informations are often exchanged and provided. Our Association also organizes friendly golf tournaments and Lunar-New-Year Gatherings annually. We are also a member of the” Six Trade Alliance”, a grouping of six different Associations in the supply trades, ranging from hand tools, sanitary wares, construction materials, wire ropes and machinery. To reflect the opinions of different business issues, we establish tight rapport with Government Officials so that dialogues can be held to resolve them..

Our Association holds in high esteem, traditional chinese virtues being passed from our great ancestors. Generous contributions made to charitable and welfare organizations are often highly supported throughout our members. In times of need, further financial assistance are provided to victims of natural disasters and human calamities. Apart from all these, annual scholarships and bursaries are being awarded to the children of members’ and their staff, to encourage completion of further studies so as to become future elites of our nation.

In this new era, to keep up with the progress of the society, our Association established our Official Website. To reach out to the world, we posted all particulars of SMMA members, thus creating endless business opportunities. The Singapore Metal & Machinery Association is therefore confident to attain new heights, whilst improving with every step.

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