Turgutlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Turgutlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Our History: Turgutlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In 1926 Hasan Referral Bey, Mustafa Bey, Hasan Nuri Bey, Ahmet Sit the Bey and Tewfik Bey led the establishment began operations room, with laws enacted by the Chamber of Industry in the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry to be connected for a while due Chamber of Commerce as the services lasted Although 07:01 .1986 in the year of our industrialists as a result of the acceptance of the application by the Ministry of Industry and Trade Chamber of Commerce and constituted the origin.
Since 1986 the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as Turgutlu for over 200 industries for over 1,600 members including serves. Approximately 10% of our members AS, 35% of the Limited Company, 0.5% General Enterprises, 0.5% Limited Company, 4% and 50% in Co-op consists of real persons registered.
Available 8 staff and 5174 numbered law within the framework defined tasks undertaken room with a member of our globalized world economy to replace and tough competitive environment in competitiveness for the protection flickered over responsibility never escape being, national and international sector trade fairs participation and visiting organizations and seminars, panel discussions and informational meetings with members of our country and the world is stepping up our efforts to integrate with.
Our Turgutlu; Izmir Pier”” and Adnan Menderes Airport”” s proximity to the major rail and road arteries county pass through us is the cheap and skilled labor force found because every day that develop new investment will go to the favorite of investors tend to be of.
Our Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the commercial and industrial activities Turgutlu and Ahmetli be of help to develop alongside; Capacity Reports, ATR and Certificate of Origin, member registration and operating documents, import and export-oriented appraisal reports are arranged beside the Trade Registry Operations operates within the room.

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