Uzunkopru Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Uzunkopru Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Our History: Uzunkopru Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The city of Uzunköprü city was founded by Sultan Murat II with the name of the Ergene river. The first written text related to Uzunköprü carries the title of Sultan Murad II’s Foundation, “Vakfı Sultan Sultan Murat Der Ergene”. Hodja Sadettin indicates the name of town as Ergene in his book called “Tacü’t Tevarih” (V.II.P.164) saying “…He made this place habitable to accommodate. He built a unique bridge extended throughout 174 high arches which set a good example to the world. He established a town called Ergene on the one side of the bridge”. It commemorated by this name until the reign of Suleiman The Magnificent. With the order of The Magnificent’s Grand Vizier Mustafa Pasha the Cisr-i Mustafa Pasha Bridge with twenty arches was built by Architect Sinan The Great over the river Meriç in Bulgaria in 1529. The town at the beginning of this bridge was called Cisr-i Mustafa Pasha Borough. In order to avoid confusion regarding these two towns with bridges which were connected to the Edirne Sanjak, the name of the town, Ergene, turned to Cisr-i Ergene. However, the public never accepted this change, adopted the name of Uzunköprü. The history of Uzunköprü as a settlement starts with the conquest of this region by the Ottoman Empire and the order of Murad II to build here a bridge and a town next to it.

In 1536, Prince Suleiman Pasha captured the region of Gallipoli, Bolayır and Tekirdağ by crossing to Rumeli through the Dardanelles, the forces under the command of the Raider Commanders (Akıncı Beyleri) Hadji Ilbey and Paşayiğit also seized Malkara, Keşan, Hayrabolu and İpsala.

In this period it was understood that there was no settlement in the place of Uzunköprü in the Ottoman records. As the establishment of Uzunköprü realized after it joined to the Ottoman Empire, we assume that the establishment period is within the Ottoman Empire period.
Uzunköprü is on the way of Edirne-Gelibolu providing the connection of the period’s capital of Edirne and Anatolia. As it blocks the passage of armies when the River Ergene floods, Sultan Murad II has requested to built a great bridge here, the city of Ergene next to it in 1427. The founded city of Ergene is the first Turkish city in the Rumeli Side.

The development from the economic and cultural aspects of Uzunköprü which was stillness in terms of the socio-economic during the war of independence speeded up after the announcement of the Republic.

In 1913 the Turkish Association building established to defend Turkish culture and the national interests was renovated and the Community Center was founded.

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