ZHONGSHAN LUZHOU Chamber of Commerce

ZHONGSHAN LUZHOU Chamber of Commerce

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We all come from the beautiful luzhou city, and do business and develop in guangdong province, which is the banner of luzhou chamber of commerce, which brings us together. It is the local accent and local feeling that make us numerous luzhou children in guangdong have a home full of love and warmth, and let us who are traveling abroad have a home to rely on. Since the establishment of the chamber of commerce, our joint efforts and efforts for the growth and development of the chamber of commerce have achieved initial results, we are proud and proud of this. At present, the chamber of commerce is working normally, developing well and showing a good momentum of development. We are gratified by this. Chamber of commerce, the cohesion of have never been so powerful as it is today, members of the pride is never so strong as it is today, I firmly believe that as long as you continue to support, maintenance, chamber of commerce chamber of commerce, then we luzhou chamber of commerce can be satisfied with the chamber of commerce, Chambers of commerce tomorrow will be even more powerful, members will be more proud, we are full of confidence for this!

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