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A pioneering initiative designed to elevate standards and recognize excellence within the global business community.

Chambers of Commerce and businesses worldwide can now be accredited against a global business excellence framework.

Our 8 Steps Approach to Accreditation

What is Go Chambers Business Accreditation

About Go Chambers Business Accreditation

Go Chambers Business Accreditation is a rigorous process that evaluates companies against established standards of excellence. It serves as a testament to a Chamber’s or business’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and integrity. Accreditation assures stakeholders of the Chamber’s or business’s adherence to best practices and its pursuit of continuous improvement, positioning it as a leader in its respective industry.

Introduction of Business Accreditation

Business accreditation has a storied history, emerging as a formalized process in the early 20th century. It was introduced to establish a unified standard of quality among businesses and educational institutions, fostering trust and ensuring consistency in products and services across industries. Since then, accreditation has evolved, incorporating modern challenges and expectations into its framework, and remains a hallmark of excellence and reliability.

The Impact on Your Chamber / Business

Accreditation significantly impacts Chambers and Businesses by benchmarking them against international standards of excellence. This not only elevates their operational and service quality but also enhances their competitiveness in the global market. Accreditation serves as a powerful marketing tool, signalling to customers, investors, and partners the Chamber’s or Business’s commitment to excellence and its superior standing in the industry.

Effect on Consumer Behaviour

Accreditation instills confidence in the quality and reliability of products and services offered by accredited businesses. Consumers are more likely to trust and choose companies that have undergone rigorous evaluation and have been recognized for their excellence, thus driving consumer loyalty and fostering a culture of quality.

Business Accreditation


The Go Chambers Business Accreditation is presented in various sectors.

Go Chambers Business Accreditation

Why Choose Go Chambers Business Accreditation

Chambers of Commerce and businesses globally should pursue Go Chambers Business Accreditation to distinguish themselves as industry leaders committed to excellence.

This accreditation not only validates your business practices against a global benchmark but also connects you to an elite network of professionals, enhancing your visibility and expanding your market reach.

Accreditation Benefits and Items

Successful applicants will receive

A 3-year membership with Go Chambers, enjoying all member benefits.

An exclusive Go Chambers Business Accreditation plaque, symbolizing excellence.

A car decal to promote their accredited status.


A laminated certificate issued by Go Chambers, endorsing their accreditation.

A US$300 voucher for Outsource Guru services, supporting further business development.

A 700 word article featuring your Chamber / business to be publicized on Go Chamber’s website and social media.

Panel of Expert Evaluators

Dr. Emily Torres

Head of Innovation, FutureTech Solutions
Dr. Emily Torres leads at the cutting edge of technology as the Head of Innovation at FutureTech Solutions. Her work, spanning over 15 years, has been pivotal in advancing AI and blockchain technologies, directly contributing to the success of various tech startups globally. Her leadership and foresight in technology innovation underscore her qualifications as an expert evaluator.

Mr. Theo Jackson

Founder, GreenGrow Initiatives
Founder of GreenGrow Initiatives, Mr. Theo Jackson has revolutionized sustainable agriculture with his expertise. For over a decade, he has integrated eco-friendly technologies with traditional farming, significantly advancing sustainable practices in the agricultural sector. His innovative approaches and commitment to environmental sustainability make him a valued member of the evaluation panel.
Charming Asian businesswoman working with a laptop at the office. Looking at camera.

Ms. Carol Chen

Director of Global Sustainability, EcoVision Partners
Ms. Carol Chen brings two decades of expertise in environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility as the Director of Global Sustainability at EcoVision Partners. Her leadership has led to pioneering sustainability initiatives across industries, reducing environmental footprints and promoting eco-friendly business practices. With her extensive background in implementing sustainable strategies and her commitment to ecological preservation, Ms. Chen is adept at assessing the sustainability aspects of businesses for accreditation.


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