Why join Go Chambers?


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No matter where you are located, we are there. As a global partner to Chambers, we are not restrained within geographical or industrial boundaries. We provide an innovative platform and unlock unique business opportunities through our resources so that you can better serve your members.

We’re always here to support you thru good times and trying times with solutions to help you help your members reach their full potential in business.

With a range of flexible memberships, specially created to meet differing needs, you will have access to services, tools and Go Chambers’ global connections to connect your members to the world.

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We Exist

To Forge Strong Relationships. To Build a Global Presence. To Bridge the Divide.

We firmly believe that in order to grow a business, especially in these ambiguous times, relationships need to be created and nurtured on an international stage. Building on trust, we have endeavored and succeeded in linking businesses from the far ends of the globe, resulting in the emergence of new and unique opportunities.

We Champion Business

Powerful Networking

Learning Opportunities

Increased Exposure

It’s not about who you know, but rather who knows you.

With a global web of active and strong business connections, Go Chambers will create opportunities for Chambers and their members to be seen, be heard and be recognized in the international business world. By plugging into this growing network, our members are well placed to breach boundaries and reach previously unchartered territories.


Professional Development

Go Chamber’s vast array of networking and educational programs are an ideal source of professional development for Chambers’ members.

One Voice for Chambers and the Business Community

Because there is strength in numbers, Go Chambers serves as a powerful, unified voice in matters of public policy that affect Chambers and the growing business community.