Our ESG Commitment

Since 2003, Go Chambers Foundation of giving has been adopting one charity organisation per year and in 2019, it has adopted its 16th Charity Organisation – 4ocean. Go Chambers Foundation believes on the fundamental of giving back to the society and the community at large and more recently into the problems caused by climate change.

Go Chambers is deeply committed to sustainability, social equity, and ethical governance, continuously building upon the impactful initiatives of the Go Chambers Foundation since 2003. Our comprehensive ESG strategy is focused on three core areas:


Environmental Stewardship: We’re intensifying efforts to fight climate change, reduce carbon emissions, and promote sustainable practices globally, including supporting initiatives like ocean clean-ups and green technologies.


Social Responsibility: Beyond traditional charity, we aim for a profound social impact, enhancing community well-being, and advocating for inclusive growth in education, healthcare, and combating hunger, ensuring diversity and equity.


Governance and Ethics: Our foundation is ethical governance, maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency, adhering to global standards, and cultivating a culture of ethical leadership.


We pledge significant resources and investments towards achieving these ESG goals, including a dedicated fund for ESG initiatives. We encourage our members, partners, and the broader business community to join us in creating a sustainable, equitable, and responsible future.


Join Us: For more on our ESG efforts or to participate, contact us at info@gochambers.com, subject “Go Chambers ESG Commitment”.


Together, we’re poised to make a lasting impact for our planet and future generations.

Name Official Website Country Services Area
The Ocean Cleanup https://theoceancleanup.com Netherlands Ocean Cleanup Worldwide
4 Ocean https://4ocean.com/ USA Ocean Cleanup Worldwide
Direct Relief https://directrelief.org/ USA Relief Aid Worldwide
National Cancer Centre Singapore http://nccs.com.sg Singapore Cancer Research Asia
350 http://350.org USA Renewable Energy Worldwide
Food for the Hungry https://www.fh.org/ USA Ending Hunger Worldwide
Samaritan’s Purse https://samaritanspurse.org/ USA Medical Relief Worldwide
Solar Sister https://solarsister.org/ Africa Women’s Entrepreneur Africa
Charity: Water https://www.charitywater.org/ USA Clean Water Worldwide
Global Fund For Children https://globalfundforchildren.org/ USA Children Development Worldwide
Help Refugees https://helprefugees.org UK Refugees Aid Worldwide
Mercy Relief https://www.mercyrelief.org/ Singapore Humanitarian Aid Asia