EPIC talk: Henderson Chamber of Commerce holds meeting about EPIC tax option

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce recently hosted a presentation by OpenSky Policy Institute, shedding light on the proposed EPIC Option, aiming to eliminate various state taxes. Tiffany Friesen Milone, Deputy Director of the institute, shared insights on the potential impact of EPIC, addressing concerns and inquiries from the community. Proponents argue that eliminating income, property, inheritance, and corporate taxes could stimulate growth and attract new residents to Nebraska. However, doubts were raised regarding the feasibility and implications of such a drastic tax overhaul, with concerns about its regressive nature and potential revenue shortfalls highlighted.

Despite differing opinions among chambers of commerce and think tanks, the discussion underscores the importance of informed deliberation and community engagement in evaluating proposed policy changes. Residents expressed curiosity about the practicalities and consequences of implementing EPIC, reflecting a desire for clarity and understanding amidst discussions of significant economic reforms.

Published Mar 27, 2024

Source By William Swett (Writers) York News Times

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