The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AusCham)

The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AusCham)

The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AusCham) is an independent, not for profit, membership-based NGO (non government organisation). It does not receive any funding from the Australian Government or any of its agencies. Its revenue is generated through memberships, sponsorships, events and advertising.

AusCham represents and promotes the interests of Australian businesses operating in Vietnam. We are proud to have a pivotal function in providing invaluable business and cultural support to our members’ and sponsors’ activities in this country.

AusCham provides all its members with a voice to express their views on the business environment in Vietnam, directly within the business community and via our liaison with the Vietnamese Government. We actively co-ordinate a regular program of high profile business seminars, networking and social functions as well as a number of charity events.

Key to the growth and relevance of AusCham are the Vietnamese who have gained Australian qualifications in Australia and/or Vietnam. These Australian Business Alumni have linguistic and cultural skills that can greatly facilitate business opportunities by bridging the gap between our two countries.

AusCham is a licensed foreign business association (the Decree governing foreign business associations states that our permitted scope of activities is limited solely to commercial and investment matters) and, effective from the 2014 Annual General Meeting (26 March 2014), now operates on a truly national basis with the establishment of a National Board that is supported by permanent staff located in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and Hanoi. AusCham is also working with local businesses in Danang, Hoi An and Ba Ria Vung Tau that have an Australian interest.

The National Board comprises 12 voting members and three non voting ex officio members as follows:

  • Eight voting members from HCMC
  • Four voting members from Hanoi
  • Three non voting Ex-officio members from the Embassy / Consulate and Austrade.

There are four elected positions on the Board, namely: President, Vice President (who cannot reside in the same city as the President), Secretary and Treasurer. These positions are filled by a popular vote of the voting members of the Board.

Membership of AusCham is open to Australian citizens, individuals working in Australian businesses or on Australian projects in Vietnam, or with organisations that have a link to Australia.

Our broad-ranging corporate membership encompasses a cross-section of companies, from the largest of international firms to small and medium-scale enterprises across all industries. AusCham members are market leaders in Vietnam in fields such as banking, construction, manufacturing, human resources, legal and accounting services and telecommunications.