Inaugural class of Arizona Chamber Foundation Junior Fellows hits the ground running

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rattle our institutions and force us all to reimagine how we live our lives and organize our economy, Arizona’s best and brightest are just getting started.

The Arizona Chamber Foundation last week officially launched the Arizona Junior Fellows program. Comprising three inaugural Fellows, the program aims to provide hard-working, ambitious Arizona students with opportunities in the business, research, and public policy sectors.

The Fellows conduct research and analysis, publishing their findings in Business Ballot, also a project of the Arizona Chamber Foundation.

Further, the Fellows have been tasked with managing a brand new video/podcast named The Arizona Statesman. Aimed at informing Arizona executives, job creators, and workers about issues facing voters, the Fellows will host leaders in the private and public sectors to provide a much-needed perspective.

Stephen Matter, sophomore at Arizona State University, said that the program allows him “to meet and develop relationships with some of our state’s leading economists and industry specialists in order to help produce content and research which will inform Arizona voters.”

The inaugural class also includes Diego Píña and Taylor Hersch, both attending Arizona State.

You can view Business Ballot here.

For more information about the Fellowship, visit this link.

The Arizona Statesman, published weekly, will be available here.