Attorney General’s Chambers

Attorney General’s Chambers

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  • Before the 29th September, 1959, the duties of Legal Adviser to the Brunei Government were performed by the Attorney General of Sarawak, who was assisted by a Deputy Legal Adviser stationed in Brunei.
  • When the Constitution was proclaimed on 29th. September, 1959, the appointment of Attorney General of Brunei came into being and as from that date the Attorney General of Sarawak ceased to be the Legal Adviser to the Brunei Government.
  • These are the values that are considered essential for all officers and staff of the Attorney General’s Chambers to possess. These values also inform and enable the Attorney General’s Chambers to achieve its vision. Our officers and staff shall possess the following Core Values: Honest and Trustworthy, Integrity, Innovative, Just and Fair, Professional and Progressive.

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