Cambodia Israel Chamber of Commerce

Cambodia Israel Chamber of Commerce


The Israeli Chamber in Cambodia has as a primary goal to be an active player in supporting the extraordinary development efforts done by the Cambodian private and public sectors. We firmly believe in our capacity to be of help bringing know-how and expertise from one of the world’s leaders in the Field: The state of Israel.

The creation of the Chamber is the result of our belief in the Cambodian people, the Cambodian culture, and the hidden potential that lies within the kingdom. A vast fertile land, a young, dynamic and knowledge thirsty labor pool, smart governance, and a global will to constantly improve, are the fuel of the ongoing change. Analyzing the situation we came to the conclusion that the missing catalyst, that will accelerate local development and propel Cambodia back to its place as a regional and global leader, is the access to know-how and the reinforcement of local capacity.

On a more concrete note, we take it upon ourselves to be the access point for Israeli players into Cambodia, as well as the contact point for any Cambodian private or public entity wishing to interact with an Israeli structure.

We will initiate regular activities seeking to increase the global level of know-how in Cambodia, and subsequently strengthen the ties between the two countries, and more importantly, between their respective business communities.

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