Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts

Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts


As common with consular assemblies, the CCIMC is a consultative organ representing the business community in the spheres of trade, industry, mines and crafts. It was created in 1921 and its head office is located in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon..
Since 25th January 2008, Mr. Christophe EKEN , a Douala-based businessman, has been at its helm.

The CCIMC is assigned the main missions of acting as a link between the business community and public authorities in the areas of consultation and representation in many domains, prominent among which is the economy.

It also develops many activities for the guidance and especially the promotion of industrial and trading companies through:

⦁ gathering, processing and disseminating economic and commercial information;
⦁ issuing publications;
⦁ assisting in enterprise creation;
⦁ international trade;
⦁ promoting exports during trade fairs and exhibitions;
⦁ assistance in the search for partners;
⦁ organising vocational training (continuous training, seminars, conferences)
It maintains a network of relations with trade chambers from all countries and international organisations with an interest in the activities of the private sector.

Generally speaking, all industrial and trading companies are members of the CCIMC.

Besides the annual subsidy the CCIMC receives from the State, its products and services are many and varied. The most important of these products are:

⦁ Certificates of Origin;
⦁ Registration of firms in the Chamber’s Company Directory against the issuance of an attestation renewable each financial year;
⦁ The issuance of various accreditation letters;
⦁ The initiation and coordination of the participation of businesses in foreign commercial events;
⦁ The collection, processing and dissemination of data on enterprises, products and markets;
⦁ The production of promotional publications, such as:
⦁ Notes on the economic situation; ;
⦁ Company directories;
⦁ Enterprise creation handbook;
⦁ News bulletins;
⦁ Sector factsheets;

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