Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands

Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands


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Economic Compass Pillars Five

I. THE FILIPINO & EDUCATION – “Top of the World”
II. INDRUSTRIES & BUSINESSES – “Globally Competitive”
III. THE GOVERNMENT – “Good Governance with 12 Traits”
V. THE ECONOMY – “Diverse, Self-Reliant, Wealthy”

A Brief History

IS THE PROVENANCE and OLDEST economic business institution, in the country dating back to 1886, whose programs, projects, and advocacies, ushered the country TO BECOME A LEADING ECONOMY (GDP Per Capita) in the ASEAN and 2nd in Asia in the 1960’s. Given a MARKER by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines as a Landmark historical structure and Heritage Institution. AND AS A CONTINUING GUIDE for the country’s laws, policies, and actions TO REBUILD ITS GLORIOUS PAST, the Chamber, rekindled and repositioned, NOW HEREIN ADOPTS THE ADVOCACY:

“History Builds the Future”

Who We Serve / Our Services

As the Provenance of Economic Business Institutions, the Chamber has 3 member categories: Lifetime Member (Individual & Corporate), Honorary Members (Companies existing for at least 25 years – there are 24, 000 nationwide.), Exemplar Honorary Members who are bestowed Exemplar Awards for extraordinary achievements.


Lifetime Membership is bestowed to a private corporate entity for profit or not for profit, or individual, who has passes all the eligibility requirements and paid the lifetime membership fee;

  1. Corporate Lifetime Member – Corporate members of the Chamber are corporations at least 51% Filipino owned that are registered appropriate government agency in good standing and represented by its Chairman, President or Vice President.
  2. Individual or Single Proprietorship Lifetime Member – Individuals who are Filipino citizens, or single proprietorships owned by Filipino who is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) or other appropriate government agency and must be in good standing.


Heritage Individual Membership – Founding members, past Presidents and past Chairmen of the Chamber, and those conferred upon individuals for exemplary services in academe, government, business, and other endeavors by the majority members of the Board upon such qualifications as the Board of Directors shall determine. Honorific title may be conferred upon 2/3 approval of the Board.

Heritage Company Membership – Companies, corporate or single proprietorship that have been operating for at least 25 years or more. They shall be represented by their Chairman or President.

Location of Chamber

Chamber Building, No. 3 Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila 1002 Philippines

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