ChoctawArea Chamber of Commerce

ChoctawArea Chamber of Commerce



When you invest in the Choctaw Area Chamber of Commerce, you are investing in the future of the Choctaw area. Quality communities are developed by people with high hopes, high aspirations and willingness to work and invest in the future – and we are interdependent on each other. Bold new steps must be taken to assure our movement into the future will enhance the quality of life and economy in the Choctaw area.

While Choctaw is located in the geographic center of Eastern Oklahoma County, it enjoys prosperity on the fringes of the urbanized Eastern edge of Oklahoma City and the surrounding metro areas. With many residences that are in the building process or scheduled for construction in the near future, the demand for retail stores, restaurants and other services is eminent. The possibility of future commercial growth in Choctaw is interminable as the development of retail and professional services is constantly underway. Currently, many business opportunities exist as Choctaw experiences continual new growth and success.

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