Colorado Chamber of Commerce

Colorado Chamber of Commerce


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The mission of  The Colorado Chamber is to champion a healthy business climate. The four key objectives of that mission include:

  1. Maintaining and improving the cost of doing business;
  2. Advocating for a pro-business state government;
  3. Increasing the quantity of educated, skilled workers; and
  4. Strengthening Colorado’s critical infrastructure (roads, water, telecommunications and energy).

The Colorado Chamber is the only business association that works to improve the business climate for all sizes of business from a statewide, multi-industry perspective. What The Colorado Chamber accomplishes is good for all businesses, and that’s good for the state’s economy. The Colorado Chamber was created in 1965 based on the merger of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce and the Colorado Manufacturers’ Association. As a private, non-profit organization, The Colorado Chamber’s work is funded solely by its members.

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