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About Us :

Three years ago, members of Estes Valley Partners for Commerce, the Restaurant Association and the Lodging Association were talking about the benefits of a Chamber of Commerce that serves the whole business community with a full time staff. Estes Park hadn’t had a Chamber since the Estes Park Chamber of Commerce over 15 years ago dissolved into what we see now as the Visitor Center, run by the Town of Estes Park, and Visit Estes Park.

It’s become very clear that our whole business community was in need of a strong voice to represent business concerns with Town and County policymaking. We also needed an organization to unify our business community with networking events, ribbon cuttings and business-related education. The idea of the Estes Chamber of Commerce was born in May of 2019 and we hired our first full time Executive Director in March of 2020. Since that time, our membership has nearly tripled and our business community has enjoyed the benefit of

  • Regular business after hours networking events highlighting local restaurants,
  • Monthly ribbon cuttings and anniversary celebrations,
  • Industry council focus groups focusing the voice of business on specific problem solving, and
  • Events that help us celebrate, connect and laugh – like the Gumbo dinner and the Chamber Cup!

The Voice of Business :

When the Estes Chamber was founded in May 2019, Estes Park had been without a Chamber of Commerce for 15 years. Our Board of Directors laid a solid foundation in 2019 and hired our first full time Executive Director in March 2020. In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, we doubled our membership base over the next year because

  • Business needs to connect with business and we’ve established the most comprehensive business directory in the Estes Valley, creating business referrals and advertising opportunities for members.
  • Members need to connect with members, to share best practices and workforce strategies.
  • The Estes business community needs a voice to advocate at local, county, state, and federal levels.
  • The community realizes the only way to create a resilient economy is to keep the workforce agile through education programs, speakers and leadership development resources.
  • Our business community needs someone who will listen. That’s what we’re here for. If we don’t have the answer, it’s our job to find out who does.

Our Office :

533 Big Thompson #103 on the lower level of the Bank of Colorado building

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