European Union Business Group (EUBG) Tanzania

European Union Business Group (EUBG) Tanzania


The EUBG is led by an Executive Director, and governed by a Board of Directors. It is supported by the EU Delegation in Tanzania, its Member States and EFTA Diplomatic Missions.

There are currently 22 different EU countries and 2 EFTA countries represented by businesses in Tanzania. The EUBG allows these companies to exchange information and experience, and carry out advocacy and lobby activities together under one common “European businesses” banner.

The creation of a European Business Group comes at a good time. The economies of Tanzania and of the East African Community more generally are rising, and Europe is progressively shifting its relations from development co-operation to trade. Economic diplomacy is now very high on the agenda with an increasing number of European companies visiting Tanzania and its region to explore business opportunities.

Tanzania’s Government is making efforts setting-up a more conducive business environment. In this context, the EUBG aspires to be a frank and reliable partner to engage with the Government but also the Tanzanian private sector on all issues of interest for European investors and overall to promote business environment as a key factor for the social and economic development of Tanzania.

The EUBG represents a milestone in the construction of a structured and accountable network of European companies operating or interested in investing in Tanzania. The EUBG is also opened to Swiss and Norwegian companies operating in Tanzania within the framework of the European Free Trade Agreement. The EUBG is fully funded by its members’ fees.

The European Business Group is a private initiative run by, and for, the private sector.

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