Georgia Chamber of Commerce

Georgia Chamber of Commerce


Our Profile

For over 100 years the Georgia Chamber of Commerce has worked to keep, grow and create jobs to make Georgia a better state for business.

Our advocacy, policy and thought leadership help us ensure Georgia’s economic competitiveness, attract new investments as well as promote growth and prosperity for all business. As the state’s largest business advocacy organization our areas of focus include both state and federal issues.

Georgia Chamber Impact & Influence

The size of our network matters and is impactful. We represent investors in every county of our state with a diverse cross section of over 500 industry sectors. Our membership includes small storefronts and large corporations-no matter the size or type of business. We provide proactive policy, aggressive advocacy and meaningful investor services that impact your bottom line.

How are we different than local chambers?

While we share many of the same goals, the Georgia Chamber is the only organization focused on the statewide issues that impact Georgia’s entire business community. Our chamber works closely with local chambers throughout the state, both through the Georgia Chamber Federation and other unique partnerships.

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