Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


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We are in business for business.

Our mission is to grow and support the Hispanic business community in North Texas. Here are just a few ways in which we help drive our community’s economic vitality:

The GDHCC provides a strong and united voice in local, state and national governments regarding legislative issues that impact Hispanic businesses. (Link to legislative agenda)

Leads, Referrals and Networking

The GDHCC helps build lasting business relationships amongst its members, whether in person at our events or through our online membership directory.

Member Business Promotion

The GDHCC strives to raise the profile of its member businesses through advertising, sponsorship and member introductions.

A Brief History

In September of 1939 a group of 11 men and one woman met at El Fenix Restaurant on McKinney Avenue with the idea of creating a new Mexican business association. Their vision was to develop, promote and protect Mexican businesses in the Greater Dallas area. The mission was to ensure the advancement and economic growth of the Mexican business community. More than seven decades ago, with the vision and mission articulated, these founders determined to improve and alter social and economic conditions and they set their ideas into action.The Mexican Chamber of Commerce was born and a new trend for minorities was set.

Founding members, small business owners and grocers in Little Mexico and West Dallas maintained close ties with the Mexican Consular Service. They held their meetings in Spanish and discussed matters such as civil rights, cultural preservation, and, most importantly, collective buying power and business growth.

Who We Serve / Our Services

The GDHCC strives to promote, support and grow the Hispanic Business Community in North Texas and the continuous improvement of the common good and the quality of life in the community through effective advocacy; collaboration; access to resources and opportunities; the pursuit of new business; the cultural, social, and economic education of our citizens; and by providing accurate and timely assistance to the business community.

Location of Chamber

1402 Corinth Street, Suite 225  |  Dallas, TX 75215

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