Gumushacikoy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Gumushacikoy Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Gümüşhacıköy Chamber of Commerce and Industry; To mobilize local potentials, to move the rich land suitable for agriculture, land, air and rail transportation and strategic geographical location to the level of development it deserves, to benefit from many support projects including UN and EU funds to train qualified personnel. It considers the realization of the qualified work force as the main duty. In this position, civil society organizations related to the state resources and subject should come together and make economic analysis with local people and draw local development models. One of the most important ways of action in our district is to create local economic models. Information and capital meeting should be provided and total quality should be opened. Development projects, which are realistic and away from daily policies and which will provide participation and support of local people, should be implemented. In accordance with our corporate vision, we will continue to work to leave our children a livable and developed Gümüşhacıköy.

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