Hong Kong Business Association in Taiwan

Hong Kong Business Association in Taiwan


The Taipei Hong Kong Business Association (hereinafter referred to as the Chamber of Commerce) was officially established in early August 2014. The Chamber of Commerce was jointly initiated by a group of Hong Kong companies operating in Taiwan and Taiwanese companies who intend to promote Taiwan-Hong Kong cooperation through the Hong Kong platform. In view of the deep and extensive economic and trade relations between Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the fact that they are each other’s fourth trading partner, the economic structures of the two places are different, each has different advantages, and there is great complementarity.

Taiwan’s information industry and technological research and development have made outstanding achievements, while Hong Kong has a huge business network, a sound legal system, and has obvious advantages in the service industry. It is an international trade and financial center and an important platform for many Taiwanese companies to connect. In order to be able to promote the economic and trade cooperation between Taiwan and Hong Kong enterprises, the Chamber of Commerce will aim to promote complementary advantages, business cooperation, and jointly expand Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas markets, and create a business exchange platform for Taiwan and Hong Kong enterprises in the three places, creating Taiwan and Hong Kong Win-win for enterprises, and enhance the competitive advantages of Taiwan and Hong Kong enterprises in the Greater China region. The Chamber of Commerce is a social organization established in accordance with the People’s Association Law, not for profit.

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