Japan Textile Finisher’s Association

Japan Textile Finisher’s Association


In 2000, the market share of imported knitwear products exceeded 85%, putting pressure on domestic knitwear manufacturers. Japan Textile Finisher’s Association recognized that this was a problem not only for the knitting industry but for all textile industries in Japan. In response to this, a task force was established under the guidance of the government to discuss the survival of the domestic textile industry through joint efforts by the public and private sectors, and to come up with countermeasures. Considered and implemented.

In the seven years since then, imports of knitwear have continued to increase, reaching a market penetration rate of 95%, pushing the share of domestically produced products to 5%. During this time, the Japan Textile Finisher’s Association considered issuing safeguards against imports of particularly conspicuous Chinese products, but did not choose to do so. He suggested to union members that they should choose the road, and has been actively working on the following five items as guidelines for union activities.

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