Kansai Economic Federation (KANKEIREN)

Kansai Economic Federation (KANKEIREN)


Establishment of the Kansai Economic Federation

October 2016 marked 70 years since the organization was established back in 1946. It was formed with the aim of solving the pressing obstacles to recovery following the devastation of the war, and with the strong desire to have the independent voice of the Kansai economic region heard.


Founding Goals

  • To promote workers’ freedom of creativity and dynamic activity.
  • To stimulate a healthy spirit of enterprise, based on workers’own subjective judgements, and to assist in bringing about the fruits of those collective ideas.
  • To facilitate close cooperation between all workers, where opinions can be exchanged without reservation.
  • To promote rational ways of thinking and improve members’ ability to implement measures successfully.
  • To propel free discussion and act as a neutral arbitrator.




To enhance Kansai’s ability to contribute to the sound development of the Japanese economy, we carry out unique research studies that anticipate future trends, make policy proposals, and take practical actions based on the study results. We constantly maintain focus on the whole Kansai region, motivated by the active exchange of views among businesspeople at committee meetings and other gatherings.

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