Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association

Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association


Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFWA) is the sole representative of all clearing,forwarding and warehousing companies in Kenya. The formation of KIFWA was born out of the need to form one National body which is cohesive enough to represent the interests of all its members. KIFWA interests were previously served by the Kenya Clearing,
Forwarding and Warehousing Association(KCFWA) and Kenya Association of Freight Forwarders(KAFF)..

– To promote and protect the legitimate trade of Clearing and Forwarding Agents, Freight Agents, Warehouse men and such other trades as may be or may become closely allied thereto
– To promote a high standard of service by its members to their customers.
– To promote the adoption of uniform documents and standard terms and conditions of services provided by members.
– To collect, collate and circulate amongst its members information and statistics relating to or affecting the business interests of the members.
– To establish and maintain contacts with the Kenya Ports Authority, Kenya Revenue Authority, Kenya Railways Corporation, Kenya Airports Authority and any such organisations or bodies or companies as the Association may consider necessary for the benefit of its members.
– To represent and advocate the views and policies of the Association to Governments, other authorities, associations and organisations.
– To initiate, promote, support or approve legislative and other measures affecting or likely to affect the interests of the Association.
– To amalgamate, affiliate or co-ordinate with any other organisations or subscribe to or become a member of any organisations which would be appropriate and in the interests of the Association.
– To enforce the Code of Conduct of the Association among its members.
– To form such branches, local committees or other bodies as may be deemed desirable.
– To promote and encourage consultations between and amongst members.

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