Malaysian Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Malaysian Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Malaysian Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, M.IT.C.C.I. is a no-profit association operating in a private sector to develop the economical, commercial and cultural relationship between Malaysia and Italy; It was incorporated in Kuala Lumpur and registered on 23.11.2007 in the ROS Registry of Societies Malaysia under the No.2265-07-WKL. e.ROSES (PPM-013-14-23112007)

M.IT.C.C.I. is a bridge that connects Malaysia with Italy that can be traveled in both directions and facilitates contacts and relationships among the Members who intend to explore new markets.

It is in fact almost impossible to venture into a new Country without a reference and without a guide to help us get out of the labyrinth of bureaucracy; Too many aspects to be analyzed and too many problems to be identified and solved, starting from the analysis of the market for a specific sector to the choice of local Partners and Clients, to the marketing strategies to end with the establishment of a branch or an industrial site.

Thanks to its many years of experience in the two countries and to the relationship with local institutions and a network that extends across all commercial, cultural and industrial sectors   M.IT.C.C.I. can take care on your behalf of a great share of problems, and guide easily to feasible and steady solutions.

M.IT.C.C.I. will study with you the path to convert your ideas in reality and propose different solution among which you can surely find the right one also when you need to prepare your first Fair or Private Exhibition, will submit different options showing a clear break-down of the costs which in our opinion is probably the most important issue specially in the beginning when it is very important to “optimize” the expenses

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