Michigan Chamber of Commerce

Michigan Chamber of Commerce



As Michigan’s leading statewide business advocacy organization, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce is on the job every day, standing up for job providers in the legislative, political and legal process. The Michigan Chamber is the unified voice of over 6,000 member employers, trade associations and local chambers of commerce of every size and type in all 83 counties of the state.

Since its founding in 1959, the Michigan Chamber has worked with this mission: Promote conditions favorable to job creation and business success in Michigan.

That’s why the Michigan Chamber fights every day to cut wasteful government spending and reform state government. The Chamber stands up for job providers and employees, pushing for a competitive tax structure and opposing efforts to nickel-and-dime taxpayers. And the Michigan Chamber works to cut government red tape that keeps businesses of every size from growing and hiring new workers in Michigan.

No advocacy group is more effective than the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

Whatever the issue, the Michigan Chamber gets the job done.

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