Micro Builders Association, Singapore

Micro Builders Association, Singapore


Conceived in 2012 by a group of like-minded Singapore contractors specialising in landed properties building, the formation of Micro Builders Association, Singapore (MBAS) was mooted with the objectives to address the interests and challenges faced specifically by this niche segment of the built environment sector.

On 12 June 2013, MBAS received the approval by the Registrar-of-Societies (ROS) making its official presence as a registered trade association representing the SME contractors of landed properties and smaller scale commercial projects in Singapore.

Since then, the association has grown in strength, and is now one of the key organisations working with the relevant government bodies and fellow industry colleagues in pushing initiatives which further transforms the SME contractors landscape.

Objectives & Mission
– To promote, moderate and participate in the review and evaluation of the micro builder’s industry in Singapore whenever possible.
– To provide a platform for networking opportunities that would contribute to the continuing business development of our industry.
– To represent the views of the micro builder’s industry on conditions, policy, and legislation to the relevant authorities, when necessary.

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