Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1892 under the presidency of Reis Ahmet Efendi, Azalar: Kara Omer Zade Efendi, City Zade Hafiz Osman Efendi, Babi Zade Ahmet Efendi and Clerk: Hüsne Efendi is said to have been established under the leadership of merchants and tradesmen. Law No. 655 on Chambers of Commerce and Industry was adopted on 22 April 1923 after the start of the National Struggle and the establishment of the first government. With this law, the Chambers gained legal identity for the first time. The establishment of the Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry is based on this period, since the number of traders is low and there is no obligation to register in the Law No. 655 on Chambers of Commerce and Industry. During the Republican Era, With the arrangement made in 1925, compulsory membership was brought within the framework of Law No. 655 on Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the complex structure became operational and the activity of the chambers started. With the effect of the stagnation of trade after the War of Independence and the reasons such as the world trade crisis of 1929-1930, Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry did not show a long existence and remained only a formation. However, after 1932, he gradually made contact with members of the Government and made efforts to provide opinions and reports on commercial matters. When it was understood that Law No. 655 could not meet the needs of the Chambers, Law No. 4355 before 1943 and Law No. 5590 in 1950 entered into force. The law was changed in 2004 and the most recent “5174 Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Act” was the name. In 1950, with the development of Rize and trade continued Manifaturacılar Street. Our Chamber was founded in 1956 to support the Central Bank. In the 1970s, it started to operate in its own building at Şehitler Caddesi No: 19 / A. In 2003, he continued to serve as the tenant of the General Directorate of Foundations by moving to Atatürk Caddesi No: 359, where he is currently residing. With the studies started in 2005, works are continuing for Rize Organized Industrial Zone to be established in our city. In 2007, the first EU project, the SME Advisory Center was established and the SME Advisory Center continues its activities in the area of ​​SME consultancy and implementation of EU projects. On August 5, 2008, as a result of the intensive efforts within the framework of the Turkish Chamber / Exchange Accreditation project, it was entitled to become an accredited chamber and continues its activities within this framework. Our Chamber expresses its opinions by organizing seminars, panels and meetings on issues that are closely related to the Turkish private sector and the public. Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry established in order to perform the duties given by the law and the services provided in the law, is a public institution with the nature of a legal entity professional organization.

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