Rubber Trade Association of Singapore

Rubber Trade Association of Singapore


The Rubber Trade Association of Singapore (RTAS) was established as a society in 1918 to promote goodwill among the various interests in the rubber trade and industry. RTAS is a registered rubber trade association with members representing the interests of the natural rubber producers and dealers based in Singapore.

RTAS is managed by a Board of Management. A Board Meeting is held monthly to discuss and address matters related to the rubber community.

Another vital role of the RTAS is to provide constructive feedback and suggestions to the relevant government agencies, like Enterprise Singapore (ESG), and to SGX/SICOM for discussions on major policies affecting the local rubber industry and the prospects of the Singapore rubber market.

RTAS provides service such as publication of daily rubber market report. A social get-together dinner has been organised annually over several decades during the lunar new year season, which aims to facilitate interaction amongst the rubber fraternity in order to promote the well being and the growth of the rubber industry. This dinner has been well attended by local, regional and global participants.

Besides, RTAS has also organised networking night gatherings for its members about twice a year.

In terms of external links, RTAS is a member of the International Rubber Association (IRA) and the ASEAN Rubber Business Council (ARBC).

The International Rubber Association was founded in 1971. RTAS is one of its 20 members from 13 Asian, European and North American countries. Key features of this international organisation are its issue and maintaining of the International Contracts for rubber business and the Contracts’ provision for arbitration rules amongst various other provisions to guide the rubber community.

The ASEAN Rubber Business Council was established on 1 January 2005. Its predecessor, the ASEAN Rubber Business Club, was founded on 23 October 1992 and RTAS was also one of the founder members.
The Council currently comprises six natural rubber producing and/or trading organizations in the ASEAN region namely:

– Rubber Association of Indonesia (GAPKINDO)
– Malaysian Rubber Exchange (MRE)/ The Federation of the Rubber Trade Associations of Malaysia (FRTAM)
– Rubber Trade Association of Singapore (RTAS)
– Thai Rubber Association (TRA)
– Vietnam Rubber Association (VRA)
– Association for Rubber Development of Cambodia (ARDC)
Among the objectives of the ARBC, it is also to monitor the progress and development of the natural rubber industry as well as consult and discuss common trade practices and problems affecting the member organisations. Members of ARBC usually meet twice a year.

RTAS has been actively participating in the activities of the aforesaid organisations in order to enhance closer ties and cordial relationship with our overseas counterparts.

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