Sendai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Sendai Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Sendai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, since its establishment in 1891, as a regional comprehensive economic organization only based on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Act, standing at the head of the regional economic communities, small and medium-sized enterprises are the source of dynamism of the economy, regional so that the active business development can be in the economic society, we have contributed to the progress and development of the local industry through various business.

In the Under these circumstances, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for our small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance the vitality of the future, we will continue to meticulously respond to management issues in individual companies through management support activities We at.

Also, and promote the creation of business opportunities of mutual through the place of the member exchanges, while aiming at the “Chamber of Commerce and Industry Useful truly” for our members, spokesperson for the community economic and social, as a coordinator of urban development, by raising the whole tissue since we would want to continue to meet the expectations of our Te, we would like to ask your support and cooperation please.

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