Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers & Services

Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers & Services


The Singapore Association of Shipsuppliers & Services (SASS) was formed 3 decades ago by local ship suppliers with a common vision to promote the economic interests of all our members. With the help of Information Technology, SASS aims to keep our members abreast with the latest updates and developments in the shipping industry via our website.

SASS aims to achieve the following objectives:

To promote, regulate, protect, represent and further the interests, conduct and operations of our members.
To disseminate advice, industry updates and other useful information to our members
To encourage social interaction among our members and with other related organizations
To co-operate with any other organization whose objectives and activities are beneficial to the association

To be the global leader in ship supply industry transformation


Upskilling & professionalizing the ship supplies industry through adoption of technology, training and education.

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