Singapore Boating Industry Association

Singapore Boating Industry Association


The Singapore Boating Industry Association (SBIA) is the lead association for the recreational marine sector in Singapore. We represent Singapore at ICOMIA (International Council of Marine Industry Associations) the world trade body for recreational marine.

The Association started in 2011 to host the ICOMIA World Marina Conference in Singapore that year. From that beginning, it grew to encompass all sectors of the recreational marine trade. Most of the Association’s activity centre around the development of the domestic consumption sector, as manufacturing and export plays a small part of the Sector.

Singapore is a major seaport and maritime hub, with a multitude of stakeholders with overlapping interests competing in the same economic and physical space. This makes the need for a collective voice to represent recreational marine an imperative. Boating in Singapore is highly regulated with many public agencies involved. In our traumatic world with a fast-changing socio-economic landscape, policy changes come thick and fast (particularly since the Covid19 outbreak). The need to be at the table for consultation when policy affecting recreational marine is discussed, has never been greater.

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