Singapore Transport Association

Singapore Transport Association



Since the founding of Singapore in 1819, there is vigorous development of the trade and transport industry, which led to the founding of many transport companies. There were a few smaller companies – Chuan Pu Company (泉晋运输), Seng Hong Company (成丰运输), Joo Hup Company (裕合运输) and others, then taking the initiative to form an association to represent the land transport industry. With the goal of forging trade ties and generating business opportunities, as well as being an entity to seek benefits, and raise concerns with the government, these few smaller companies then decided to form the Singapore Lorry Owners Association, located at 11 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059383 on the 31 August 1937, with M/S Joo Hup Company (裕合运输) taking the helm as first Chairman of the association. In 1997, because of redevelopment of the building site at New Bridge Road, there is a need to relocate temporarily to 25 Lor 27A Geylang Road, Singapore 388114.

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