Tanzania Private Sector Foundation

Tanzania Private Sector Foundation


TPSF was formally incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap 212) as a company limited by guarantee on 4th November, 1998 for the purpose of promoting the private sector-led social and economic development in Tanzania. As an apex and focal private sector organization (PSO), The Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) is the voice of the private sector and the umbrella body for private sector associations and corporate bodies in all sectors of the economy, including trade associations.

TPSF is Tanzania’s focal point for the East African Business Council. Its members are business associations, corporate companies, multinationals, SMES and startups organized under different sector boards and working groups reflective of the various sectors of the economy.

TPSF provides a platform for the private sector to engage in Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) at the local, national and international levels. The Foundation opens potential markets for it’s members through business forums and participation in local and international trade fairs, as well as offering programs to build the capacity of members to become competitive.

TPSF is a key partner to the government and other stakeholders in the formulation and implementation of policies and strategies geared towards spurring economic growth, wealth creation and national development.

Our strategic focus is geared towards ensuring that Tanzania remains a globally competitive destination for investment and doing business. To achieve this, the TPSF coordinates the private sector’s engagement in high-level advocacy on cross-cutting policy related issues aimed at promoting economic growth and ensuring a conducive business environment.

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