Tire Chamber of Commerce

Tire Chamber of Commerce


Tire Chamber of Commerce
About Our Room

Tire Chamber of Commerce is the oldest chamber of commerce in the Aegean Region together with İzmir Chamber of Commerce since its establishment (Gregorian 1884-Hijri 1301).

The Ottoman Empire, which entered a new era with the Tanzimat process, considered to control the functionality of the economy with institutional structures such as the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture. XIX. For the first time since the last quarter of the century, the two pillars of the economy have moved to a structural position. The need for this structuring was later determined and implemented by the Republic of Turkey. More importantly, only the Chamber of Commerce was envisaged during the Ottoman period, while the Republican State changed the name of the institution to Od Chamber of Industry and Commerce ekleme and added the word “Industry ya to the institutional structure.

As the Od Chamber of Industry and Commerce Kurum, the Agency has started to register the commercial elements in the registry since 1926. Trade persons, companies and cooperatives have thus obtained a formal identity. Our chamber has expanded its functionality by following the versatile commercial structure of the economy. Starting from the first years of the Republic, he undertook important tasks as a guide in urban structuring, requirements and organizations.

Our room also; It has produced solutions for the solution of all kinds of problems related to the needs of the city. With this function, the city became the pioneer of the production of merchants and businessmen.

Today, our Chamber, which records more than 900 commercial elements, has in some way been the locomotive of structural development.

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