Tron Association Japan

Tron Association Japan


We do the following as before as the first pillar of the forum activity.

  • Further development and maintenance of open source real-time OS kernel that has been maintained by the initial informal TRON Association, legally incorporated TRON Association, and T-Engine Forum.
  • Activities such as management of source code, making better documentation, bug fixes, answering inquiries, holding seminars, the certification exam to test whether one understands the essentials of TRON RTOS will be continued as before.
  • Holding training seminars and symposiums, attending various exhibitions such as TRONSHOW and others, and promoting TRON Project using the Internet.

Secondly, TRON RTOS family is an important part of the IoT, and TRON Forum clarifies its total goal is the IoT.
Final goal is ubiquitous computing and the IoT. The past activity of the forum is regarded as the preparation step of the important pieces for the final goal.
Open data is a new activity of the forum for the grand goal of the IoT.
The forum has participated in the activity such as Study Group of Open Data for Public Transportation.
To further the research in this direction,
we propose and codify the architecture in which the context-awareness to understand the real-world is done by the big data analysis of open data from many sources in conjunction with the large volume of sensor data collected and sent by many embedded nodes (where TRON RTOS runs).

The context-awareness is important in the IoT and ubiquitous computing.
It is necessary for successful context-awareness to combine the sensed data from many sensors for analysis after we understand the general structure of the world, how they work, etc. from the open data from many sources.
This is why open data plays an important role.

We shall establish a mechanism via which the data of public sector, including the dynamic data of railway operation, can be published.
We have done our parts in the Study Group of Open Data for Public Transportation. Also, we have been creating the barrier-free map that shows the routes on which physically-challenged people can move on using the open data of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the local governments.
This has been done by TRON Enableware Study Group. We will integrate this work into the open data activity of the forum.

Thirdly, we shall begin the activity to call for the opening of the API of commercial devices that use TRON RTOS and other OS offerings. This is important for controlling devices in the IoT setting.
We shall create Open API Working Group in TRON Forum, and let it publish the API of devices created using TRON RTOS family and others. This shall help the deployment and adoption of the IoT.

Thus TRON Forum advances the activity of open source, open data, and open API aggressively as important ideas that support the IoT.
I am glad that I can report these new activity plans for the year starting in April.

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