Vietnam Banks Association

Vietnam Banks Association


The Vietnam Banks Association was established on May 14, 1994 under Decision No. 247/TTg of the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, organized and operated in accordance with the provisions of the Charter of the Vietnam Banks Association issued by the Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. issued together with Decision 131/TCCP dated October 5, 1994 of the Minister, Head of the Government Department of Organization and Personnel (now the Ministry of Home Affairs) and amended and supplemented according to Decision No. 1289/QD-BNV dated December 16, 2014 by the Minister of the Interior.

The Vietnam Banks Association is headquartered at 193 Ba Trieu Street, Le Dai Hanh Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi. Website:

The Vietnam Banks Association is a voluntary socio-professional organization of credit institutions and other organizations related to the banking sector operating in Vietnam.

The Vietnam Banks Association has the purpose of gathering and encouraging members to cooperate and support each other in business activities; represent and protect the legitimate rights and interests of members; acting as a bridge between members and state agencies in order to stabilize and safely and effectively develop the system of credit institutions operating in Vietnam, contribute to the implementation of monetary policy, and promote economic development. socio-economic of the country.

The Vietnam Banks Association operates nationwide, in the banking sector or related to the banking sector.

The Vietnam Banks Association is under the state management of the State Bank of Vietnam and the ministries and branches related to the field of operation of the Banking Association in accordance with the provisions of law.

Vietnam Banks Association operates on the principle of Voluntary and self-management; Democracy, equality, openness and transparency; Self-financed operating expenses; Not for profit purposes; Comply with the Constitution, laws and the Association’s Charter.

The Banking Association currently has 74 member organizations, representing the banking community and related organizations, including: 62 official members, 9 associate members, 3 honorary members.

The organizational structure of the Vietnam Bankers Association includes: Association General Meeting, Association Council, Association Inspection Committee, Standing Body and affiliated organizations.

The standing body of the Vietnam Bankers Association includes: Office and Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Law and Professional Affairs Department, Member Organization Committee, Financial and Monetary Market Magazine, Vietnam Banks Association Website, Training Center and Finance and Accounting Department.

Vietnam Banks Association has affiliated organizations: Policy Committee, Technology Committee, Card Branch – Vietnam Banks Association, Vietnam Banking Legal Club, Financial Technology Club Main Bank of Vietnam, Debt Handling Club.

The Vietnam Banks Association is a member of the ASEAN Bankers Association, a partner of the Asian Bankers Association, and has cooperative relationships with many banking associations in many countries as well as many prestigious international organizations.

Through 27 years of construction and development, Vietnam Banks Association has received many noble awards from the State: Second-class Labor Medal, Third-class Labor Medal, many certificates of merit from the Prime Minister, emulation flags and certificates of merit from the State Bank, certificates of merit from the Ministry of Justice and many other honors.

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