Vietnam Real Estate Association

Vietnam Real Estate Association


Vietnam Real Estate Association is a professional social organization, formerly known as Vietnam Real Estate Association, was established based on Decision No. 37/2002/QD-BTCCBCP dated 13/08/ 2002 of the Government Department of Organization and Personnel. With the decision No. 673/QD-BNV dated June 18, 2010 of the Ministry of Home Affairs, it was allowed to change the name of Vietnam Real Estate Association to Vietnam Real Estate Association.

Vietnam Real Estate Association is a socio-professional organization of Vietnamese organizations and citizens operating in the fields of scientific and technical research, consulting, research investment, training and fostering. professional expertise, science and technology transfer and commercial services in accordance with the law related to the real estate sector of Vietnam, voluntarily established, not for profit for the purpose of cooperation and association. support and help each other in developing professional activities, improving operational efficiency and protecting the legitimate interests of members, contributing to the sustainable construction and development of the real estate industry and field. real estate of Vietnam, promoting the industrialization and modernization of the country; on that basis to integrate with organizations operating in this industry and field in the region and in the world according to the provisions of law.

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