Western Association of Chamber Executives

Western Association of Chamber Executives


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To enhance and promote the professional growth and competence of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

A Brief History

Incorporated in 1924, the association has played a significant role in the growth and development of chamber of commerce professionals, including management assistance for new chamber executives and other staff. Over the years, membership has become synonymous with access to a network of experienced chamber executives and exposure to emerging trends and usable ideas on every facet of chamber of commerce management. In 1995 the association dropped its California boundary and became the Western Association of Chamber Executives (W.A.C.E.).

Who We Serve / Our Services

Annual Conference – a three-day management conference held in early February.

Annual Salary and Benefit Information – an annual survey of salaries and fringe benefits allows for good comparative data that is available by size of chamber.

​W.A.C.E. Ad Wizard – an industry-specific marketing tool centered around the 3Cs that allows chambers to create print-ready ads to help communicate the chamber brand to the local communities.

Location of Chamber

P.O. Box 1736 | Sacramento, CA 95812

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