Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC)

Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC)


The Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) has been established to unite the voices of the private sector and provide membership-related services to its members. It is a link between the members and the government as well as other stakeholders.

ZNCC acts as an umbrella organisation representing members of the private sector and serving them in all matters to do with trading and business, marketing and trading opportunities, business advisory services and entrepreneurial skills. It is a meeting point for the business players in Zanzibar to discuss challenges that need solutions, as well as opportunities that need to be shared. It is a platform that articulates issues to the government for policy reforms in favour of national economic growth.

ZNCC collaborates with similar organizations from the EAC region, SADC, AU and the world at large to facilitate business transactions and promote Zanzibar traders, entrepreneurs, and investors. We open the world to our members and welcome the world to Zanzibar.

ZNCC is a key Government partner in conducting Public-Private Dialogues. We are involved and take active role in policy reforms and government regulations. We closely work together with the Ministry of Trade and Industry with its agencies such as Zanzibar National Business Council (ZNBC), Business Licensing Regulatory Council (BLRC), Business and Property Registration Agency (BPRA) Zanzibar Bureau of Standards (ZBS) and Zanzibar Food and Drug Agency (ZFDA).

Other key government stakeholders include Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA), Zanzibar Commission for Tourism (ZCT), Zanzibar Ports Corporation (ZPC), Zanzibar Maritime Authority (ZMA), Vocational Training Authority (VTA) Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB). ZNCC is a co-chair of Zanzibar Taxation Forum which is co-hosted by TRA, ZRB and the private sector.

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