Microsoft to forge AI partnerships with South Korean tech leaders

Next month, Microsoft’s gearing up to host some bigwigs from South Korea’s top tech firms, all in the name of boosting their AI game. This exclusive sit-down, dubbed the MS CEO Summit 2024, is slated for May 14th, 2024. Bill Gates, the brain behind Microsoft, and Satya Nadella, the big cheese as Chairman and CEO, will be leading the powwow. They’re set to huddle up with Kyung Kye-hyun from Samsung, Kwak Noh-jung from SK Hynix, Cho Joo-wan from LG Electronics, and Ryu Young-sang from SK Telecom, for some behind-closed-doors talks.


Word on the street from The Korea Economic Daily suggests Microsoft’s eyeing joint ventures in the AI scene across different fields. The chatter’s leaning towards teaming up with Samsung and SK Hynix to cook up some AI chips that can power up servers with next-gen tech like High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) AI chips and solid-state drives (SSDs). LG Electronics is in the mix too, with talks about baking AI tech into everyday home appliances, which could give Microsoft a leg up against rivals like Google and Meta. And with SK Telecom, they’re looking to dive deep into cloud and 5G services. With the tech world going gaga over AI, these talks couldn’t come at a better time. If Microsoft can sprinkle its AI magic on Samsung’s phones and LG’s appliances, it could be a game-changer for them.



Published  on  22 April 2024

By  Ryan Daws 

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