Global Scams

Enhanced Cybersecurity Vigilance

AI-Powered Scams

Go Chambers will develop AI-awareness programs to help members identify and avoid AI-generated phishing and impersonation scams.

Cybersecurity Measures

Go Chambers will offer workshops on cybersecurity best practices, emphasizing the importance of strong passwords and two-factor authentication.

Fraudsters’ New Tactics

By collaborating with cybersecurity experts, Go Chambers will provide insights on emerging social media and device profiling scams.

Crypto and Financial Scams

Go Chambers will organize informational sessions about the risks of cryptocurrency scams and how to spot fake investment opportunities.

Advanced AI Crypto Scams

We will brief our members on advanced AI tactics in crypto scams, ensuring they're aware of tailored phishing techniques and blockchain vulnerabilities.

Other Notable Scams

Go Chambers will circulate regular alerts on diverse scams like fake job offers, charity fraud, and robocall threats, enhancing members' vigilance.