Chamber Of Commerce, Businesses Brace For Eclipse Impact

As the date of the April 8 solar eclipse approaches, county and government officials are warning locals to brace for a potential surge of eclipse enthusiasts to the area. To prepare for the expected influx of tourists, the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce recently hosted an informational meeting at the Marvin House. Attendees included local business owners, government representatives, service organization members, and curious residents. The chamber brought in several guest speakers, including seasoned experts and individuals with firsthand experience witnessing past eclipses, who shared historical insights and relevant data about the upcoming event.

One speaker, Tom Traub, shared his experiences witnessing 11 previous solar eclipses, including a memorable one in Nebraska. He recounted how the town he visited, typically home to around 9,000 residents, experienced a massive influx of eclipse tourists, swelling the population to over 48,000 and then surpassing 124,000 during the event. This surge placed significant strain on local resources, with gas stations running dry, restaurants stripped of food, grocery stores emptied, and the town overwhelmed by visitors.


Published Saturday, March 16, 2024

Source By CHRISTOPHER BLAKESLEE (Writers) from The Post-Journal