Ankara Chamber of Commerce

Ankara Chamber of Commerce



Ankara Chamber of Commerce; It is an institution that removes the obstacles in front of the professional activities of its members in order to promote a positive business environment and dynamic business life in Ankara, defending their interests effectively, and directing, supporting and developing them.

ATO, business relations, honesty, trust, discipline, professional morality and solidarity to dominate the entrepreneurial individuals as well as legal duties; In the face of the economic, social and cultural problems of the country, we have chosen the mission of “We win kazan.

Ankara Chamber of Commerce fulfilling the Chamber’s mission, the 21st century by supporting Turkey’s cultural values ​​their work and trade in a balanced human-trafficking-cultural interaction revealing and investment activities for domestic and foreign trade in the framework of an entrepreneurial model that integrates with society’s values, taking the center of his life in the process countries contributes to the development.

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